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Delécluse Douze Études Study Guides & Click Tracks

         The Delécluse Study Guides by Justin Ball and click tracks by Zach Harris are designed to be the ultimate practice tool. The study guides are a product of years of intense study, performance, auditions and teaching. They are extremely detailed, including standard (& creative) stickings,  breakdowns, and a healthy balance between  technical exercises and musical applications.  These represent just one example/interpretation of how the repertoire can be practiced/performed, and I hope to hear that the user is motivated to experiment a bit more, slowly straying from the "norms" encompassing snare drum practice and performance. I initially created these for personal use, however, now I've made them available for you to download, completely free...


        The Study Guides zip folder below contains pdf, Sibelius, and xml files of each study guide, allowing you to edit them to your own playing and/or teaching style. The study guides are extremely detailed, including standard (& creative) stickings, rhythmic analysis and a healthy balance between RL breakdowns, technical exercises, and musical ideas.



        The Click Tracks zip folder below contains five .wav files for each étude (drag bases, drags, full subs, downbeats and measures, as well as importable markers for Adobe Audition via .CSV file. Also included are Sibelius, Musescore, and .xml files (Finale), allowing you to customize your roll bases, drag bases, tempos, subdivisions, etc.  

Lastly, I've also included tutorials for Sibelius, Musescore, Adobe Audition, Audacity, FL Studio and Reaper. You can find those a the bottom of this page, or on my YouTube Channel. Look out for more tutorials and updates to this project in the future. 


Until then, Happy Practicing!!!


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